Thursday, June 21, 2007

Power source

My company to is trying to offset our emissions by planting trees and buying credits on the Chicago Climate Exchange.  That is all fine and dandy, but what can I do with my GIS workflow to improve my own carbon neutral goal.  Well I'm thinking I can run my workstation via solar power.  That way I won't be using coal powerplants to perform my GIS analysis.
The biggest problem I see is that I work in a cubical in the middle of a floor in a windowless office.  I need a promotion I guess to get window access and thus become carbon neutral.  I'm making a note in my Outlook to ensure I bring this up next review.


Ben Slater said...

You should still be able to use photo-electrics in your windowless office, provided the lighting is adequate. If not, I would recommend simply installing some very bright high wattage lights. Of course, you'd also want to then upgrade your air conditioning to compensate for the extra heat generated by the new lights. Sounds expensive, but what's a few dollars when the health of the planet is at stake?

GIS Neutral said...

But I'll have to make sure my company planted enough trees to offset the carbon produced by the coal power plant.